Another Bull Trap?

A very impressive rally today in the US market on the back of a bag of mixed good and bad economic data with internals that made it look exactly like the “rally” back in 10 May. Yes, you guys know where I am going with this don’t you? There simply isn’t anything in the pipe […]... Read More

No Surprises So Far…

Since my last post, the S&P500 has not surprised in either way, good or bad but simply turned around promptly at the 30MA exactly how I said it would and continued to struggle largely sideways but interestingly, persistently below the 30MA and 10MA, which continues to place the inclination for the next big move to […]... Read More

Intermediate Correction Underway?

Since my last post about how the market may be going into an intermediate correction which will once again rekindle the bearish market framework and fulfill the triple top formation, the S&P500 has been struggling around its 30MA, which is an important intermediate resistance/support level for the S&P500. In fact, it is looking more like […]... Read More