GDP Rally?

Exactly as I have said in my report to paid subscribers yesterday, the US market rebounded on better than expected GDP numbers. Here was what I said: “However, with the way things were hammered over the last two days, I won’t be surprised to see a bit of accumulation these two days and that may […]... Read More

Bearishness Prevails…

US market attempted to trade in positive territory right off the bat on the much better than expected Empire State Index that was released before market opened. Investors and traders managed to keep the market in positive territory before a sudden and abrupt sell off during the final half hour of the market took all […]... Read More


Ever since my last post about the 2100 resistance level, the market has not done anything that warrants me to talk about it in any way, simply remaining around the 2100 level. However, today seems to be different with the S&P500 closing at all time high of 2109, slightly above the 2100 points level. Is […]... Read More

2100 ceiling once again…

Welcome back from Memorial day long weekend! Contrary to my expectations last week that the US market should go straight into an intermediate pullback, it rebounded instead and headed back up for the 2100 points ceiling. The S&P500 has been flirting with the 2100 points level for about a year and a half ever since […]... Read More