Welcome Back From Christmas!

Welcome back from the Christmas holiday!

Hope you guys enjoyed the break as much as I did even though I was actually more dying to get back into the market with all of you! 🙂

Santa Claus rally was quite muted this year, forming a weekly doji candle, signifying a week that didn’t move much. Indeed, whenever Christmas week end muted like this, there is more than half the chance that New Year week would be too. With the danger lurking in the back that I mentioned last week, I would be cautious this week and start to take profit at the earliest possible opportunities and signs. Well, the problem with the stock market now is that it broke the 8.6years crash cycle and is now going higher in pretty much uncharted territory. Every single new high increases the chances of a catastrophic crash. However, the market can remain irrational for longer than one can stay liquid. As such, if you are simply waiting for the crash to happen before cashing in, you might miss out on the rally should it continue. However, entering right now exposes you to the danger of that crash I just mentioned. This is therefore a very tricky time to be in the market and one in which on the most nimble of traders can profit from. If you don’t think you have the nimbleness to profit from such a market condition, I could help you profit for a month before you start paying me anything in my Master’s Stock Options Picks Service. Check it out now!

This weekend, I shall give me 2017 prediction, so stay tuned for that.